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Is based on the student-teacher relationship that all use of the platform unfolds, with BeeFluent being the bridge between the two parts of the educational process, allowing individualized teaching, even at a distance.

It allows students to train reading at home, in a way that adapts to their learning pace, through a more complete, simple and fun process - given the gaming component. Thus, it allows to improve the communication, diction and fluency skills contributing to an increasing taste and motivation for reading.

In addition to its main functionality, it can also be used for teaching foreign languages, by young adults and adults who have this as their goal, through adapted exercises and feedback from professionals.BeeFluent allows teachers, in person or even remotely, to create personalized reading plans, which must be carried out individually and autonomously.

The process for completing a given reading exercise has seven steps. First, the teacher writes a text that he considers suitable for the student, reads it correctly and synchronizes it with the reading, ending with the sending of the sound file. As soon as the child receives it, he / she trains the reading of the excerpt and, when he / she is satisfied with the result, sends it to the teacher, who will try to evaluate it and return to the student with the appropriate feedback, in real and useful time.

In this way, the teacher monitors the student's evolution, promoting the development of their skills constantly and quickly. In contrast to the face-to-face classes, where the teacher allocates his time for dozens of students, in BeeFluent exclusive attention is given to each case, with no common objectives being defined.

The platform will have two options, with regard to its use by teachers: the possibility of using existing reading exercises or the creation of new ones, in order to allow the teacher to work in the way that is most convenient to him.

In the second option, the teachers themselves will be able to create from scratch the texts they want to integrate into their reading plans, taking into account the objectives they intend to achieve with their students and the points in reading that they need to exercise. Once created, these exercises will be added to the BeeFluent database so that they can be used later by other teachers, depending on the sharing that the teacher wants to give them. In this way, we intend that teachers take an active role in order to contribute to the growth of the platform and to the sharing between them.

The teacher also has total freedom when creating the texts, being allowed to address topics of the child’s interest, which will further promote his enthusiasm and attention in carrying out the exercise.

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